Nekstella Group


Our Roots

Nekstella started when a group of friends who share the same passion for food decided to let America know that there is a better option to the world's number one chocolate hazelnut spread. In light of the recent news that palm oil, a principal ingredient in all chocolate hazelnut spreads may cause cancer and adding to the fact that the brand leader contains more than 50% sugar, Nekstella decided to offer the only palm oil free reduced sugar and sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread that tastes as good if not better. Finally you no longer have to choose between healthy or tasty!



Although relatively new in the market, our founders have been involved in various aspects of food product development and manufacturing. Our success can be attributed to the commitment that comes from every member of our TEAM. Since our establishment, Nekstella has been driven by a passion for quality of products and dedication to our cause. A sense of responsibility and professionalism are the core values upon which every memeber of Nekstella is guided as they attend to their dealings with communities, institutions, and business partners.


Our Present and Our Future

Our products are rapidly finding their way into the hearts and tummies of every American, truly enjoyed and loved by people of all ages and lifestyles.

Nekstella plans to be a global brand name and be recognized as a leader in its category. We will continue to set goals that will be guided by the principles and morals instilled in us by our families and our society. We will give back to our community through charitable causes and continue to keep this an integral part of our organization and our lives. We will strive to be recognized as a global brand founded on quality, innovation, and social and moral responsibility.